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The saga of The Jesus Lizard begins in Texas. Vocalist David Yow and bassist David Sims. Yow & Sims were in Austin-based post-hardcore noise group Scratch Acid. Both moved to Chicago after Scratch Acid's demise where Sims played in Rapeman an abrasive indie rock group led by Steve Albini. Sims began playing with guitarist Duane Denison from Cargo Cult (2) and the two recruited Yow to do some singing... thus The Jesus Lizard was born. Originally, the group performed with a drum machine, much like Albini's previous band, Big Black. Albini produced the group's debut EP, Pure, which was released on Touch & Go in 1989; the producer would work on every Jesus Lizard release on Touch & Go.
The Jesus Lizard added a human drummer, Mac McNeilly, in late 1989 and he appeared on the band's first full-length album, 1990's Head.

Years active: 1987–1999, 2008–2010, 2017–present , Wikipedia , , , , Bandcamp , MySpace , Facebook
Members:Brendan Murphy (2), David Sims, David Yow, Duane Denison, Jim Kimball, Mac McNeilly
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