Joakim Milder


Swedish jazz saxophonist, born 24 September 1965 in Stockholm, Sweden.

After studying at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm 1984-1987, Milder has worked as a freelance musician and educator. Since 2006, he has held a professorship in improvisation and ensemble at the Royal Academy of Music. Since 2008 he is a member of the Royal Academy of Music, and since 2013 artistic director of the Norrbotten Big Band. He is also frequently hired as a string arranger in a pop context.

Milder made his record debut in 1988 with Life in Life and in 1990 received for his second record Still in Motion Orkesterjournalen's Gyllene record for best Swedish jazz production. In addition to nine records in his own name, he has also appeared on about 90 records with, among others, Red Mitchell, Paul Bley, Tomasz Stanko, Katrine Madsen, Rita Marcotulli, Chick Lyall, Lars Danielsson, Palle Danielsson, Nils Lindberg, Alice Babs, Lina Nyberg, Georg Riedel, Max Schultz, Bobo Stenson and Marcin Wasilewski. Milder started the record company Apart Records in 2003.

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In Groups:Alea:, Andersson, Söderberg & Milder, Composer's Big Fun, European Voices (2), Fredrik Lundin Quintet, Joakim Milderz, Meloscope, Milder PS, Nils Lindberg Third Saxes Galore, Norrbotten Big Band, Radiojazzgruppen, Red Mitchell Trio, Room8 (2), Sister Maj's Blouse, Ståhls Blå, Stockholm Session Strings, The Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, The Village Band (3), Tomasz Stanko Septet, Fredrik Norén Band
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