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DJ Robot Citizen has been active since the early 1990s as:
~ A DJ, organiser & promoter of hundreds of nightclub & live band events plus hundreds of radio shows.
~ Manager of the record label.
~ Producer - genres include: Darkwave, Electro Punk, Industrial, Electronica, Rock, Electroclash, CyberPunk, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Power Pop, Indietronica, Hip Hop, Glitch-Hop, Intelligent/Electronic Dance Music (IDM/EDM) & Musique Concrete.
~ Member of several groups including: Eye (3), E.L.F. (Elf), Aya (2), XELF, STOAT (aka. Clanberra; Clan Analogue Canberra) & Aphazia/Aphasia
~ Titles used for DJing include: DJ Citizen, J. Citizen, DJ Anonymous, DJ Robot, DJ Robot Citizen.
~ The "DJ Citizen" title was also used in the 1990s-2000s for several releases of music in the styles of dark electro industrial power-noise aggrotech glitch-hop.
~ "DJ Robot Citizen" is employed in the 2010s for club & radio DJing. , ,
Aliases:Aya (2), E.L.F., Elf, Eye (3), J. Citizen, QT (10), XELF
In Groups:Aya (2), E.L.F., Elf, Eye (3), QT (10), XELF
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