Real Name:
Clifford Joseph Price MBE
British drum'n'bass artist, DJ, and TV personality.

Born: 19 September 1965 in Walsall, England, UK.

The first superstar produced by the breakbeat jungle movement, Goldie popularised drum'n'bass as a form of musical expression just as relevant for living-room contemplation as techno had become by the early 1990s. Though he hardly developed the style, and his later reliance on engineers like Rob Playford and Optical to capture his sound puts into question his true musical importance, Goldie became one of the first personalities in British dance music, his gold teeth and b-boy attitude placing him leagues away from the faceless bedroom boffins who had become the norm in intelligent dance music. After spending several years working on his production skills at Reinforced Records (the home of 4Hero), he founded the Metalheadz label, which released seminal dark yet intelligent singles by Source Direct, Photek, J. Majik, Optical, Lemon D, Wax Doctor, and Peshay, amongst others. He released one of jungle's first and best full-length albums with "Timeless" (1995), which put him squarely at the top of the drum'n'bass heap –at least in the minds of critics and mainstream listeners– though his follow-up album, "Saturnz Return" (1998), displayed an ambitious, personal side of Goldie hardly in keeping with jungle's producer mentality.

A native of Walsall, England, Goldie was born to a Scottish-Jamaican couple and put up for adoption. He bounced around child-care homes and several sets of foster parents during his childhood years, and became fascinated with the rise of hip-hop, breakdancing, and graffiti art. By 1986, he was involved with breakdancing crews around his home of Wolverhampton; after making several trips to London for all-day breakdancing events (and to see hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa), Goldie appeared in the English documentary on graffiti art called "Bombing". He also spent time in New York and Miami (working in a market stall selling customised gold teeth), but returned to England by 1988. For a time, Goldie worked at the Try 1 shop in Walsall (also selling gold teeth), then moved to London. He began hanging out with two fellow heads from the British hip-hop scene, Nellee Hooper and 3D (later of Massive Attack), and by 1991 he'd been introduced to the breakbeat culture that birthed jungle; at the seminal club night 'Rage', DJs Grooverider and Fabio pitched ancient breakbeats up to 45 rpm, blending their creations with the popular rave music of the time. Goldie was hooked on the sound of raw breakbeat techno, and he gradually switched his allegiance to jungle from the British hip-hop scene that later generated trip-hop.

Through his girlfriend dj Kemistry (later to make her name with the mixing duo Kemistry & Storm), Goldie hooked up with Dego and Mark Mac, two influential figures in the emerging drum'n'bass scene. The duo's Reinforced Records and recordings as 4Hero were fostering an increasingly artistic attitude to the music, and Goldie learned much about breakbeat production and engineering at their studios. He recorded his first single as Ajax Project, then debuted on Reinforced Records as Rufige Cru with two singles at the tale-end of the breakbeat hardcore scene, "Killa Muffin" (1992) and "Menace" (1992). The single "Terminator" (1992) under name Metalheads, broke him into the jungle scene, which besides pioneering the crucial jungle concept of time-stretching (basically extending a sample without altering its pitch), evinced the growing separation between the uplifting rave/hardcore scene and its emerging dark side, more reliant on breakbeats.

The name was later taken for his influential Metalheadz label, which released material from a legion of crucial jungle artists: Photek, Doc Scott, Dillinja, Source Direct, Peshay, J Majik, Alex Reece, Lemon D, and Optical, amongst others. Later singles such as "Angel" (1995) and remixes for 4Hero's Reinforced Records spread Goldie's fame, and in 1994 he signed a contract with London Records offshoot FFRR. His first major-label single was "Inner City Life" (1994), from his debut album "Timeless" (1995). He gained additional fame in early 1996, when an American tour supporting Björk sparked a relationship between the two and led to a brief engagement period before they called off a wedding. Goldie resurfaced with a high-profile follow-up, "Saturnz Return" (1998), with another epic two-disc set including one track, "Mother" that in itself broke the 70-minute barrier. The album tanked with critics and fans, leading to a return to the underground later that year with the "Ring Of Saturn" EP (1998).

Save for a handful of mix albums (most notably "FabricLive 58" (2011)), two studio efforts credited to Rufige Kru, ("Malice In Wonderland" (2007) and "Memoirs Of An Afterlife" (2009)), and "Sine Tempus" (2008), a soundtrack to an unreleased film directed by the man himself, Goldie's career over the next two decades became less and less music-focused. He turned his hand to acting, appearing in Guy Ritchie's film "Snatch" (2000), the James Bond film "The World Is Not Enough" (1999), and the perennial BBC soap opera 'Eastenders'. He also appeared on a number of reality TV shows, including 'Maestro', where he learned how to conduct a symphony orchestra, and 'Goldie's Band: By Royal Appointment', where he put together a band of unknowns to perform at Buckingham Palace.

He was awarded an MBE on the Queen's 2016 Honours list for services to music and young people. A career-spanning compilation, "The Alchemist" (2013), was released by Rhino Records. Goldie's third solo studio album and first in nearly two decades, "The Journey Man" (2017), was released on Metalheadz through Cooking Vinyl. Guest vocalists on the album included Terri Walker, Naomi Pryor, José James, and Natalie Duncan, the latter of which he had discovered while making 'Goldie's Band' TV show.


P2-28614 Goldie - Timeless album art Goldie Timeless (Album, Comp) Metalheadz, FFRR P2-28614 US 1995 Sell This Version
SAC1316 Goldie - Sampler album art Goldie Sampler(Cass, Promo, Smplr) FFRR SAC1316 US 1997 Sell This Version
GINT 1 Goldie - Open Ended Interview CD album art Goldie Open Ended Interview CD(CD, Promo) FFRR, Metalheadz GINT 1 US 1997 Sell This Version
314 570 353.2, 314 570 353-2 Goldie - Ring Of Saturn album art Goldie Ring Of Saturn (Album, EP) FFRR, FFRR, Metalheadz 314 570 353.2, 314 570 353-2 Canada 1998 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Saturnz Return album art Goldie Saturnz Return (Album) FFRR, FFRR, FFRR none Germany 1997 Sell This Version
METH008CD Goldie - Malice In Wonderland album art Goldie Presents Rufige Kru Goldie Presents Rufige Kru - Malice In Wonderland (Album) Metalheadz METH008CD UK 2007 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Sine Tempus. The Soundtrack album art Goldie Sine Tempus. The Soundtrack (Album) Metalheadz none UK 2008
RA.EX138 Goldie - RA.EX138 Goldie album art Goldie RA.EX138 Goldie(File, MP3, 320) Resident Advisor RA.EX138 UK 2013
METACD012 Goldie - The Journey Man album art Goldie The Journey Man (Album) Metalheadz, Cooking Vinyl METACD012 UK 2017 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

MH 001 Goldie - Unreleased Metal album art Doc Scott / Goldie Doc Scott / Goldie - Unreleased Metal Metalheadz MH 001 UK 1994 Sell This Version
697-120-060-1 Goldie - Inner City Life album art Goldie Featuring Metalheads Goldie Featuring Metalheads - Inner City Life (Single, Maxi) FFRR, FFRR 697-120-060-1 US 1994 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Fury The Origin / Rage  album art Goldie / Doc Scott Goldie / Doc Scott - Fury The Origin / Rage (Acetate, 10") Metalheadz none UK 1994 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Inner City Life / Calling  album art Goldie / X Project Goldie / X Project - Inner City Life / Calling (Acetate, 10", Sti) Not On Label none UK 1994 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Jah / Retreat  album art Goldie / The Dubster Goldie / The Dubster - Jah / Retreat (Acetate, 10") Not On Label none UK 1994 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Inner City Life / Babylon  album art Goldie Presents Metalheads, Splash Goldie Presents Metalheads, Splash - Inner City Life / Babylon (Acetate, 10") Not On Label none UK 1994 Sell This Version
850 317-2 Goldie - Angel album art Goldie Angel (Single, Maxi) FFRR, FFRR 850 317-2 Australasia 1995 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Rough 1 / Saint Angel album art DJ Vision* / Goldie DJ Vision* / Goldie - Rough 1 / Saint Angel(Acetate, 10") Not On Label none UK 1995 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Jump Up / Saint Angel album art Marvellous Cain / Goldie Marvellous Cain / Goldie - Jump Up / Saint Angel(Acetate, 10") Not On Label none UK 1995 Sell This Version
none Goldie - State Of Mind album art Goldie State Of Mind (Single) FFRR, FFRR, Metalheadz, Metalheadz none UK 1996 Sell This Version
RAZORS 003 Goldie - This Is A Baad / The Cult (Remixes) album art Goldie / Source Direct Goldie / Source Direct - This Is A Baad / The Cult (Remixes) Razors Edge RAZORS 003 UK 1996 Sell This Version
RAZORS 001 Goldie - Still Life / The Rain (Photek Remixes) album art Goldie / Photek Goldie / Photek - Still Life / The Rain (Photek Remixes) Razors Edge RAZORS 001 UK 1996 Sell This Version
none Goldie - Metropolis / Manslaughter (Rider Proto 96) album art Adam F / Goldie Adam F / Goldie - Metropolis / Manslaughter (Rider Proto 96)(Acetate, 12") Metalheadz none UK 1996 Sell This Version
none Goldie - The Calling / The Calling (Remix) album art Goldie The Calling / The Calling (Remix)(Acetate, 12") Not On Label none UK 1996 Sell This Version
SHADOW-100Z Goldie - Drones / The Shadow album art Dom*, Rob* & Goldie Dom*, Rob* & Goldie - Drones / The Shadow Moving Shadow SHADOW-100Z UK 1997 Sell This Version
SHADOW 100 LTD Goldie - Distorted Dreams / The Shadow album art Rob* & Dom* / Rob* & Goldie Rob* & Dom* / Rob* & Goldie - Distorted Dreams / The Shadow Moving Shadow SHADOW 100 LTD UK 1997 Sell This Version

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February 7, 2021
Metalheadz bossman's music is undoubtedly one of the most humble and avant gardiste just like his personality itself! Amazing producer on the drum & bass scene!


January 15, 2018
Good old boy is Goldie, tells it like it is, he thinks about things which is more than alot of people on Planet Earth do nowadays.


October 24, 2014
Keep on Bombin', Bombin'.


October 12, 2011
edited over 10 years ago
Goldie great contributor and really humble one of a kind great personality,always his dj selections are out of the same shit everybody plays and metalheadz is one of the true d&b original labels every release is a example of continuous upgrade in music !!!


March 18, 2002
He admitted himself that he doesn't actually write the music so much as he gives ideas to the real producer (such as Rob Playford). Rob Playford on the other hand said that without Goldie he would never have come up with some of this stuff.
In any case Goldie is responsible for some of the earliest and best drum and bass/hardcore/jungle. Check out the Terminator EP, 4 amazing tunes! Saint Angel could still be played 10 years later and it sounds like new.

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