Heather Holley

Real Name:Heather Noelle Holley

She is a pop music producer, songwriter, singer, keyboardist, vocal producer and arranger. She also specializes in artist development and is known for her role in launching Christina Aguilera's career. Heather and Rob Hoffman wrote and produced the demo that led to Christina Aguilera signing to RCA Records. Associated artists include Christina Aguilera, Jackie Evancho, Skylar Grey aka Holly Brook, Kat Perkins, Katie Costello, Nikki Williams, Natalia Lesz, Itaal Shur, Dave Eggar.

Heather’s compositions have been featured in ad campaigns for global brands such as Mercedes Benz, Pepsi, Microsoft, Virgin Mobile and Starlight Foundation; in prime-time television series such as Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, American Idol, The Office, Private Practice; in feature films and trailers Pursuit of Happyness, Kiss of the Dragon and David LaChappelle’s Rize; and in runway shows for New York Fashion Week.

Owner of Heather Holley Music (founded in 2001) and partner in Elicit Productions (since January 1997). , Facebook , Facebook , , Soundcloud , MySpace , , X , Discogs ,
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