Freeloaders (2)

Real Name:
Kevin O'Toole, Dale Longworth, Vinny Burns & Jerome Stokes
The production alias for N-Trance's Kevin O'Toole and  Dale Longworth used for electro-house projects. Vinny Burns provides guitars whilst Jerome Stokes is on vocals.

Singles & EPs

Freeloaders (2) - So Much Love To Give album art Freeloaders (2) Feat. The Real Thing Freeloaders (2) Feat. The Real Thing - So Much Love To Give (Maxi, Single) All Around The World Germany 2005 Sell This Version
Freeloaders (2) - Now I'm Free (Freefalling) album art Freeloaders (2) Now I'm Free (Freefalling) (Single) All Around The World UK 2006 Sell This Version

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April 10, 2006
edited over 12 years ago
These N-Trance chaps are certainly astute businessmen, if nothing else. Sampling is one thing. Clever sampling is another. But completely ripping off someone else's clever sample is just cheaper than cheap.

Thomas Bengalter and Stéphane Quême as Together sampled "Love's Such A Wonderful Thing" by The Real Thing to great effect on their 2002 release "So Much Love to Give".

Just 3 years later, these N-Trance "Freeloaders" steal not only the sample, but the way it was sampled and even the goddam title; AND make shedloads in the process. Cheeky, cheeky, very cheeky.

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