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Quincy Punx were founded in 1990 by Bob Wood - Guitar, Dave DePriest - Vocals/Lyrics, and Mike Robertson - Drums/Vocals in St. Paul, Minnesota. Throughout the years, this core line-up has remained the same, but with a "revolving door" line-up of bass players.
The first was Greg Martin, who had to leave due to chemical burns on a large percentage of his body and subsequently falling into a coma. It wasn't until Jeff, the fifth bass player, that the band actually became active. Upon recruiting the sixth bassist, Kyle, the band saw it's first release, 1992's (me) a.k.a. "Darby Was A Martyr", a 6 song 7" e.p. released on THD Records of Minneapolis, which got great reviews from Flipside, Jeff Bale, and Maximumrockandroll's Tim Yohannon. The band was then picked up by Recess records and released "Get The Humans", a 5 song 7" e.p. followed by a split label release with THD, "We're Not Punx... But We Play Them On T.V.", a 23 song L.P. which featured a cover of G.G. Allin's "Don't Talk To Me" in 1993. The bands first tours began shortly afterward.
By 1995 the band began recording at Amphetamine Reptile studios for the material that would end up as 1995's "Stuck on Stupid" 10" e.p. on Recess, and split 7"'s with Blanks 77, Resin Scraper, and the Rejects, as well as the song "Sick Pleasure" for Half-Mast/The Daggers Records compilation "No Slow, All Go!" featuring Twin Cities bands. The compilation was nominated for a Minnesota Music Award, as was the Quincy Punx in 1996. Around this time, the band was featured in Debasement Video Fanzine's "When We Play For Real", a documentary film by Patti Rhodes about the Twin Cities punk scene. A lengthy series of tours followed with bands such as F.Y.P., Sex Offenders, and Blanks 77, as well as short stints with Hickey, the Dwarves, Propaghandi, and a hand-full of others.
By 1997, Kyle had left the band and Frank Rivera of Mpls. band Skaterbait, assumed the role of bass player. Frank was featured on the Quincy Punx V.M.L.ive 7" recorded at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago. Frank left the band after the '97 U.S. tour and was replaced by Blake Hurlbert of (sic). In 1997, the band recorded the material for "Nutso Smasho, with Tim Mac, (referred to in the liner notes as "Dr. X") the second full-length L.P. on Recess Records.
From 1993 to '99, various songs were contributed to numerous compilations such as, "Punk Bites 2" C.D., "Pigs Suck" 2x7", "Stealing The Pocket" L.P., Joey Vindictive Presents "That Was Now, This Is Then" C.D., "Punk Sucks" C.D., "One Beer Short Of A Six Pack" 7", on numerous labels including Laberynth, Turkey Baster, Liberation, and V.M.L.
After Blake left the band, Troy Stark (Mondo Trasho, Slipshod) took the role of ninth bassist for the last stage of touring the band would see. By 1999 the band had all but self destructed, and for the last 10 tears, Quincy Punx have played mostly on their own turf no longer touring and only making special "one-off" appearances for one reason or another.

Sadly, in 2008, Frank Rivera passed away.

In 2010, Mike produced "My America! Tribute to the Quincy Punx to benefit the West Memphis Three" a 28 song tribute C.D. on Crustacean Records featuring 27 bands, mostly from the Twin Cities covering the Quincy Punx, and featuring the first Quincy Punx song released in 12 years, a cover of the Vindictives' "Get Lost", the C.D., along with an accompanying 4 song 7", being a fund raiser for the West Memphis Three Support/Legal Defense Fund.


#10 Quincy Punx - We're Not Punks...But We Play Them On TV album art Quincy Punx We're Not Punks...But We Play Them On TV (Album) Recess Records (2) #10 US 1992 Sell This Version
recess#27.5 Quincy Punx - Stuck On Stupid album art Quincy Punx Stuck On Stupid (MiniAlbum) Recess Records (2) recess#27.5 US 1996 Sell This Version
recess#46 1/2 Quincy Punx - Nutso Smasho album art Quincy Punx Nutso Smasho (Album) Recess Records (2) recess#46 1/2 US 1998 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

THD 10 Quincy Punx - (ME) album art Quincy Punx (ME) THD Records THD 10 US 1992 Sell This Version
recess#6 Quincy Punx - Get the Humans  album art Quincy Punx Get the Humans (EP) Recess Records (2) recess#6 US 1993 Sell This Version
TB-008 Quincy Punx - Dumpster Diving At The Abortion Clinic / Let's Riot album art Quincy Punx / Blanks 77 Quincy Punx / Blanks 77 - Dumpster Diving At The Abortion Clinic / Let's Riot (EP) Turkey Baster Records TB-008 US 1995 Sell This Version
LAB03 Quincy Punx - North America Loud Punk Series Vol. #3 Ltd. Edition album art Quincy Punx / Resin Scraper Quincy Punx / Resin Scraper - North America Loud Punk Series Vol. #3 Ltd. Edition Labyrinth Records (2) LAB03 US 1995 Sell This Version
#002 Quincy Punx - My America! / Not Human album art Quincy Punx / Rejects Quincy Punx / Rejects - My America! / Not Human(7") I'll Be Dead In Hell Records #002 US 1995 Sell This Version
V.M.LIVE-027 Quincy Punx - 1/12/96 (Fireside Bowl - Chicago, IL) album art Quincy Punx 1/12/96 (Fireside Bowl - Chicago, IL)(7", EP) V. M. L. Records V.M.LIVE-027 US 1996 Sell This Version


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