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Real Name:Zephire Andre Williams

Andre Williams (November 1, 1936 Bessemer, Alabama – March 17th, 2019 Chicago, Illinois) was an American R&B musician who started his career in the 1950s at Fortune Records in Detroit. His most famous songs include the hits "Jail Bait," "Greasy Chicken," "Bacon Fat" (1957) and "Cadillac Jack" (1966). He was also the co-author of the R&B hit "Shake a Tail Feather".

Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams started his recording career in Detroit, Michigan on the small but prolific Fortune Records (2) label. Williams recorded upon, or has writing credits upon, in excess of 200 songs - including: "Bacon Fat", "Pig Snoots", "JailBait", "Pass The Biscuits", "Rib Tips" and "The Greasy Chicken", working with line-ups like The Don Juans. (This band's tenor-saxophonist was cousin to Williams' wife.)

An often risqué musician, Williams became known as a producer and songwriter, composing such tunes as: "Shake A Tailfeather", "Cadillac Jack", "Funky Judge" and "Twine Time" for bands like The Five Du-Tones and Alvin Cash & The Crawlers.

By the 1980’s Andre Williams was on drugs and homeless. After cleaning himself up, he began making music again in the late 1990s, releasing "Greasy", "Silky", and "The Black Godfather". He also performed under several aliases. , , Wikipedia , , , Bandcamp
Aliases:Andre DeLeon, Jomo (4), Rudibaker, Rutabaga
In Groups:Andre Williams & His New Group, Andre Williams & His Orchestra, Andre Williams & The '76 Revolutionaries, Andre Williams & The Quality Controls, Andre Williams Fatback Band, Dre-Mic, The Don Juans, The Five Dollars, Velvet Hammer
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