Pie Eye Collective

Pie Eye Collective

Pie Eye Collective was a mid 1960s musical group formed by Mme. Zajj that focused on experimental, psychedelic drone music.
Pie Eye Collective gave performances on the East Coast of the United States as well as in Western Europe that consisted of long periods of sensory inundation with combinations of harmonic relationships, which moved slowly from one to the next by means of "laws" laid out by Hollow Man regarding "allowable" sequences and simultaneities.

In 1964 the ensemble contained Adam Augustus III, electric guitar; Dr. Gus, drums and percussion; Hollow Man, electric muffle bass; Mme. Zajj, organ and synthesizers; Pie-Eye, keyboards, piano and synthesizers; and sometimes D'Von James, vibraphone.

Most of the pieces recorded by Pie Eye Collective have short titles, such as Green Pasta, Descent and Endor. Likewise, the works are often of short length, many pieces having no beginning and no end, existing before and after a particular performance. The longest Pie Eye Collective performance was that given at the Harrison Street gallery in New York, which lasted uninterruptedly for six years, from 1979-1985.
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VP004 Pie Eye Collective RePsycho(4xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP004 UK 2011
VP007 Pie Eye Collective The Automatt(45xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP007 UK 2012


VP001 Pie Eye Collective Bermudagrass(8xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP001 UK 2010
VP002 Pie Eye Collective Astro Black(12xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP002 UK 2011
VP003 Pie Eye Collective Visiones(6xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP003 UK 2011
VP005 Pie Eye Collective Cloud Sounds, Vol. 1(14xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP005 UK 2012
VP008 Pie Eye Collective Stardust for Tomorrow(20xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP008 UK 2012
VP009 Pie Eye Collective Miniature, Suite.(6xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP009 UK 2012
VP014 Pie Eye Collective Cloud Sounds, Vol. 2(6xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP014 UK 2013
VP013 Pie Eye Collective Oracle(7xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP013 UK 2013
VP011 Pie Eye Collective Dune(6xFile) Vaudeville Playbook VP011 UK 2013

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