Shy FX

Real Name:Andre Williams

Shy FX crashed the British pop charts in mid-1994 with "Original Nuttah", one of the most infectious Ragga-Jungle anthems of all time and quickly became one of Jungle's most respected producers. Born in London, Andre Williams debuted on S.O.U.R. Records (Sound Of The Underground) with two singles, "Gangsta Kid" and "Sound Of The Beast", in 1994. His third for the label, "Original Nuttah," perfectly epitomized Jungle's growing Ragga-Ruffneck style, with a light-speed rhythm track and rude-boy scatting from UK Apachi. Almost immediately after its release, the single ignited dance clubs, flew out of the stores, and eventually made the British charts.

Shy FX started his own Ebony Recordings label soon after, releasing more classic Jungle tunes like "The Message" and "Wolf". His 1997 "Bambaata" was hailed as tune of the year. Shy started a couple of offshoots such as Ivory (catering for no-nonsense rollers) and Naughty But Nice (for the funkier end of his productions).

But this is his collaborative work with T.Power that had so far the biggest impact, mixing their highly credible brand of drum and bass with a strong pop sensibility, with "Shake Ur Body" in 2001 – released on EMI subsidiary Positiva – that made him a household name. It was followed by an album on FFRR "Set It Off" the following year. Shy FX decide to fold all his label to concentrate on a new Digital Soundboy venture in 2005, releasing so far a Shy FX and T Power album "Diary Of A Digital Soundboy", as well a providing a choice platform for promising young artists such as Benny Page and Visionary.

Grandson of Count Shelly.

Sites:Bandcamp , MySpace
Aliases:45 Roller, 5th Amendment, A. Williams, Focus (23), Maddix, Studio 4
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