Peter Brown


American producer, songwriter, and multiple-label owner (he ran P&P Records in the '70s and '80s), based in New York City, USA.
Do not confuse with US Disco artist Peter Brown (2).

Peter Brown related labels: Chocolate Star Records, Clarence Music Records, Fresher And Fresh Video & Film Corp., Funk Groove, Georgia Peach Records, Gilyard Record Co., Golden Flamingo Records, Harlem Place Records, Heavenly Star, Hit Maker, Hit Makers Of America, Jody Records, Land Of Hits, La Shawn, Lonnie Records, Octipi Records, P And D Records, Pisces Records, Pooky Records, Queen Constance Records, Sound Of Gold, Sound Of New York, USA, Sound Of The Universe Record Corp., Sweet Georgia Peach, Terry Tunes, Tree Line.

See also: Peter Brown (2) - Miami based disco performer ("Dance With Me", "Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me") who also wrote "Material Girl" for Madonna.

In Groups:Golden Flamingo Orchestra
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