419 Squad

Real Name:
Abdul Rasheed Bello, Brent Gbadebo, Harry Olufemi Williams, Segun Oladele Adegunwa
Nigerian hip-hop crew, based in London, England, 419 Squad are named after section 419 of Nigeria's criminal code, which makes the infamous Nigerian advance fee fraud illegal (i.e. the emails promising X% of millions of dollars) and is also a play on the word ‘fraud squad’. Their aim is to change people’s perception of the stereotype of the “dodgy, fraudulent Nigerian”, performing in English and Yoruba.


JJC aka Skillz
(Abdul Rasheed Bello)
(Harry Olufemi Williams)
S.O. Simple
(Segun Oladele Adegunwa)
M.P. aka Masta Plan
(Brent Gbadebo)


BIBACD 001 419 Squad - Atide album art JJC, 419 Squad JJC, 419 Squad - Atide(CD) Biba BIBACD 001 Nigeria 2003 Sell This Version