Swedish rock band that was founded as Rymdimperiet in 1981. In the spring of 1983, the band changed its name to Imperiet and was active until December 1988.

The band was founded by Joakim Thåström, Gurra and Stry Terrarie as a side project to Ebba Grön and after Ebba Grön's dissolution became a full-time project. Imperiet became one of the great Swedish bands of the 1980s and made itself known for songs such as "Du ska va president", "CC Cowboys" and "Var e vargen" but also for several successful covers such as "Märk hur vår skugga", "Fred "and "Balladen om briggen Blue Bird av Hull". After failing abroad, Thåström broke up with Imperiet in July 1988, after which the band completed the booked Swedish and South American tours during the year. , Wikipedia
Members:Christian Falk, Fred Asp, Gunnar Ljungstedt, Per Hägglund, Peter Puders, Stry Terrarie, Thåström


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