Maarten van der Vleuten

Real Name:Maarten van der Vleuten

Maarten van der Vleuten is a Dutch producer, composer and recording artist born in Vught, The Netherlands in 1967.

From 1987 to 2007 he has used over two dozen aliases producing Detroit techno, electro, house, experimental and ambient tracks and remixes.
Early 2008 he announced to only use his real name (or his initials MVDV) for future releases.

During the 90's he recorded mainly dance/techno for R&S Records, Outrage Recordings, Apollo Records (Belgium), Djax-Up-Beats, See Saw, ESP and Klang Elektronik and several other labels. Since 1996 he is also releasing music on his own label Signum Recordings. The two sublabels of Signum; Passiflora and Glam, are now both defunct.

He is the founder of Signum Recordings, Passiflora Records and Glam Records. , Bandcamp , Facebook , Soundcloud , , Wikipedia , , YouTube ,
Aliases:48V Phantom Power, Cliche, Cryptic, D. Huystee, DJ Dusk, DJ G-Spot, Dutch Department Of Techno, E144, E414, Error 144, Error 441, Flash Back, Flux (2), Frantic, G.S.G, Gangrene, In-Existence, Integrity, M.A.W.A. Inc., Major Malfunction
In Groups:48V Spargel Brothers, M & M Clan, Major Malfunction




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