Real Name:
Jurijs D
I live and work in Tallinn (Estonia). Music - it's a hobby and a whole universe that can not be rejected. At work (Ship Repair), manages to see our world - the beauty of it is very difficult to pass. But I will try to do it as I can ...

Welcome to my worlds. Music is eternal. It was, is and will be. Anytime and anywhere. It simply passes from one measurement / time to another. All that we see around us, all that we call the unreality, or simply do not notice reflected reflection (Mirrors of the mirrors) - it is the music. We just try to hear it. Therefore, all I heard and there are worlds. These are my worlds. The real worlds. How real? Deciding not to me, and those who live in them.
Yakuro - This is one person - from composing music, to the manufacture of master copies, and covers ...

History .... wrote at school .... piano, picking tunes on sluh- then first synthesizer Casio, then - Korg-N364. the material and the name appeared DJ MASK (although the name appeared in the 92-m radio and DJ- isting also had ...). The first disc recorded in 2002. When working on the 3rd disc (2006) switched to using only a computer, and there was a name Yakuro, which is safely caught ...



02-058 Yakuro - Hymns album art Yakuro Hymns(12xFile, MP3, 256) O2Label 02-058 Estonia 2002
02-057 Yakuro - Mirrors Of The Mirrors album art Yakuro Mirrors Of The Mirrors(14xFile, MP3, 256) O2Label 02-057 Estonia 2003
02-055 Yakuro - Spirits Of The Worlds album art Yakuro Spirits Of The Worlds(19xFile, MP3, 256) O2Label 02-055 Estonia 2009
02-045 Yakuro - Stars Of The Pacific Ocean album art Yakuro Stars Of The Pacific Ocean(14xFile, 256) O2Label 02-045 Russia 2012
02-046 Yakuro - The Stars Also Are Looking At Us album art Yakuro The Stars Also Are Looking At Us(13xFile, 256) O2Label 02-046 Russia 2012
03-016 Yakuro - Colors Of The Worlds album art Yakuro Colors Of The Worlds(11xFile, FLAC) O2Label 03-016 Estonia 2013
04-074 Yakuro - Dark Side Of The Time 1999-2014 album art Yakuro Dark Side Of The Time 1999-2014(File, FLAC, Album) O2Label 04-074 Estonia 2014
03-071 Yakuro - Colors Of The Worlds. Part 2 album art Yakuro Colors Of The Worlds. Part 2(11xFile, FLAC) O2Label 03-071 Estonia 2014

Singles & EPs

04-089 Yakuro - Voices Of Infinity album art Yakuro Voices Of Infinity(9xFile, WAV, Maxi) O2Label 04-089 Estonia 2014

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