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Nebula is a Los Angeles, CA based psychedelic/stoner rock band, formed by Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano after their departure from Fu Manchu in 1997. They went on hiatus between 2010 and 2017, announcing their return in late 2017 along with a series of reissues.
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Current Line-up:
Eddie Glass - guitar, vocals
Tom Davies - bass, vocals (since 2004)
Michael Amster - drums (since 2017)

Former Members:
Mark Abshire - bass
Simon Moon - bass
Scott Reeder - bass
Isaiah Mitchell - bass
Dennis Wilson - bass
Ruben Romano - drums
Rob Oswald - drums
Adam Kriney - drums
Jimmy Sweet - drums , MySpace , Wikipedia , Facebook , Instagram
Members:Adam Kriney, Eddie Glass, Ian Ross (4), Isaiah Mitchell, Mark Abshire, Michael Amster, Rob Oswald, Ruben Romano, Simon Moon, Tom Davies


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