Human Puppets


Also known as 010, Human Puppets were created in 2004 by two friends Stathis Leontiadis and Nick Kapantzakis, both involved in the underground Greek scene.
Admirers of the Dada movement,with a D.I.Y. philosophy in everything, they combined analogue sounds with tapes, toys, noises and strange visuals. However, by that time, no Greek label was interested in such experiment,only friends and Jorg from Kernkrach that believed in them and releseased their material.
Since then, the Human Puppets have released the EP Human Puppets in 2005, the LP The Future From The Past in 2006 and they self released (as 5th Floor Entertainment) single T.V. Eye in 2010 and the LP T.V. Eye in 2011. Their songs appeared in many compilations and their sound became popular,giving inspiration to other bands/artist.
Their live concerts,were a "must see" as they insisted on using only analogue synths and machines, despite the difficulties, the trends and against all odds.
They parted their ways in 2012, mostly due to distance.

Sites:Facebook , Bandcamp , MySpace
Members:Nick Kapantzakis, Stathis Leontiadis


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