Alan White


British progressive rock drummer.
Born: June, 14 1949, in Pelton, Co. Durham, England.
Died: May, 26 2022, in Newcastle, Washington, USA.
Not to be confused with the English drummer of the same name Alan White (2) (of Oasis (2) fame).
Throughout the mid to late 1960s, he played in England and Europe with a variety of bands, including The Downbeats (who changed their name to The Blue Chips (4)), The Gamblers (4), Billy Fury, The Alan Price Set, Bell + Arc, and The Happy Magazine (later called Griffin (9)). In 1969, he was asked to join The Plastic Ono Band. His association with John Lennon continued, recording singles (like "Instant Karma!") & the subsequent album "Imagine". He also performed on George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass". Around the same time, he worked with Denny Laine in his band Balls (3) for several months which was followed by a ten-week stint with Ginger Baker's Air Force. He joined Yes in late July 1972. He played drums and percussion on over 40 studio and live Yes albums, additionally adding piano parts and collaborating on the songwriting. In 2005, he formed White (17).
In 2017, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Yes.
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In Groups:Balls (3), Cinema (43), Circa:, Ginger Baker's Air Force, Griffin (9), Narita (3), Paul Williams And Friends, Paul Williams Set, The Alan Price Set, The Blue Chips (4), The Gamblers (4), The Happy Magazine, The Plastic Ono Band, White (17), XYZ (14), Yes
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