Mick Ness

Real Name:Mick Witkamp

Dutch guitarist, singer, and composer.
In the early '80s Mick is part of the Ultra-movement. Between 1989 and 2007 he fronted Hungarian band Sexepil.
In 2014, "Erector Set - Rebuilt" (with Dirk Polak as Mecano Un-Ltd.) and the "Joy of Pop" ("Leave Me Your Ears" complete re-packaged) is released on the Amsterdam based label Out Of Print Records (2) . Mick and Pieter doing live shows with the new Mick Ness Group and more plans for shows and new material a head.
In 2015, Mick's new band Stakbabber released first full length album "Polarized". 2016 a new Mecano Unlimited album with the same title was released followed by a couple of concerts.
In march 2017 a solo album was released by Studio Frog.

Sites:Facebook , Bandcamp , , Discogs , Facebook
Aliases:Mick Witkamp
In Groups:Erector Set (2), Sexepil, Stakbabber, The Mutant Jasz
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