Formed in Iowa City early 1998 by the two bassists, Burmese soon relocated to Oakland California spewing their particular blend of power violence, power electronics, death industrial sludge and high-speed thrashnoise infused with grindcore blasts and much feedback.

They expanded their line-up with another drummer in 2002 making it dual-bass & dual-drums, then pared it back down to one drummer in 2017.

Still in the Bay Area today, they are now a four-piece consisting of Mike, Tissue, Matt, & Jay.

All members so far:
Mike Glenn - bass, vocals, electronics (1998-Present)
Mike Green - bass, vocals, electronics (1998-2011)
Canon Tissue - vocals (2006-Present) - real name Karen Tsui
Jay Korber - drums (2010-Present)
Ryan Jencks - guitar (2011-2012)
Paul Costuros - bass (2011-2012) / guitar (2012-2013) - switched to guitar when Matt joined in 2012
Matt Chandler - bass (2012-Present)
Mikey Yeda - vocals (2015-2017)

Previous drummers:
Nate Girtman - drums (1998-1999)
John Dwyer - drums, vocals, electronics (1999-2000)
Mark Schaffer - drums, electronics (2000-2004)
Bianca Sparta - drums (2004-2005)
Weasel Walter - drums, electronics (2007-2009)
Mark Small - drums, electronics (2002-2017)

Brief members:
Todd Takes - drums (Played one show, 8/15/1999)
Patrick Mullins - electronics (2004-2005)
Ed Rodriguez - guitar (2007-2008, Played two shows)

Members:Bianca Sparta, Ed Rodriguez, Jay Korber, John Dwyer, Mark Schaffer (2), Mark Small (3), Matt Chandler (4), Mike Glenn, Mike Green (5), Mikey Yeda, Patrick Mullins, Paul Costuros, Ryan Jencks, Tissue, Weasel Walter


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