Formed in Iowa City early 1998 by the two bassists, Burmese soon relocated to Oakland California spewing their particular blend of power violence, power electronics, death industrial sludge and high-speed thrashnoise infused with grindcore blasts and much feedback.

They expanded their line-up with another drummer in 2002 making it dual-bass & dual-drums.

Still in the Bay Area, today they are a six-piece consisting of Mike, Mark, Jay, Tissue, Matt, & Mikey.

All members so far:
Mike Glenn - bass, vocals, electronics (1998-Present)
Mike Green - bass, vocals, electronics (1998-2011)
Mark Small - drums, electronics (2002-Present)
Canon Tissue - vocals (2006-Present) - real name Karen Tsui
Jay Korber - drums (2010-Present)
Ryan Jencks - guitar (2011-2012)
Paul Costuros - bass (2011-2012) / guitar (2012-2013) - switched to guitar when Matt joined in 2012
Matt Chandler - bass (2012-Present)
Mikey Yeda - vocals (2015-Present)

Previous drummers:
Nate Girtman - drums (1998-1999)
John Dwyer - drums, vocals, electronics (1999-2000)
Mark Schaffer - drums, electronics (2000-2004)
Bianca Sparta - drums (2004-2005)
Weasel Walter - drums, electronics (2007-2009)

Brief members:
Todd Takes - drums (Played one show, 8/15/1999)
Patrick Mullins - electronics (2004-2005)
Ed Rodriguez - guitar (2007-2008, Played two shows)

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