Chris & Cosey IndustrialSoundtrack

November 22, 2015
edited over 2 years ago
Chris & Cosey are featured in the music documentary Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay.
DVD & Bluray release features +30 minutes of unseen interviews.
Now available from:

Chris & Cosey SergioCocco

November 13, 2012
why are the 2 official videos not on here:
Elemental 7.

& the European live compilation (also av on LP), European Rendez-vous

Chris & Cosey playhaus

September 5, 2017
Those are all listed as CTI releases here on discogs.

Chris & Cosey STV63

August 13, 2014
Look under CTI alias for these videos.

Chris & Cosey grey_shadow

February 27, 2014
Chris & Cosey / CTI / Carter Tutti not musically the same look over here

Chris & Cosey swallowingdiamondz

January 10, 2014
Both vids(with the vinyl counterparts) are listed under CTI, along with the Collectiv One CD comp & various other releases