Comet Gain


London-based punk and soul and damaged rock n' roll band. Long-term members include David Feck/Christian, Rachel Evans, Jon Slade, Kay Ishikawa, Anne-Laure Guillian and Woodie Taylor. The band was formed in Oxford in 1992 by David, who roped in housemate Phil Sutton. In 1993, Sarah Bleach, Jaxx Coombes and Sam Pluck joined, and in 1997 everyone except David splintered off into Velocette (2), leaving Comet Gain's album 'Sneaky' and next single "Get Yourself Together" abandoned at the test pressing stage.

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Members:Anne Laure Guillain, Ben Phillipson, Blair Cowel, Christopher Appelgren, Darren Smyth, David Feck, James Hornsey, Jaxx Coombes, Jon Slade, Kay Ishikawa, Phil Sutton, Rachel Evans (2), Sam Pluck, Sarah Bleach, Woodie Taylor
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