Closing The Eternity

Closing The Eternity


Drone ambient project from Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Closing The Eternity project was a continuation of the conceived but never realized project Moon Alone. The only musician and participant in the project is 121.

The sound of the project is based on the drone-style with the use of ambient and noise techniques. The first and second albums are very misanthropic, and therefore quite mundane. After their recording, a short creative pause was taken, during which the essence of the project was rethought in favor of a complete abstraction of music from everything human... everything that has to do with earthly civilization.

When creating music, the author does not put clear limits on digital or analog sound, and allows the use of any necessary sound sources.
Aliases:121, Anton Shafarostov, Satt (3), Злотворъ


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