Real Name:Marcus Schössow

Marcus is a 17 old guy from Sweden (Helsingborg) who is raised in a family with Danish and German bounds. He's a shy guy with allot of humour. Some friends says that Marcus is a guy with a odd style and a different kind of thinking, but Marcus doesn't think that.
Now you will be invited to the a story that only has started to the talent guy Marcus Schössow...

Since Marcus was 5 years he made music but he's never been into Progressive since for about 1 year.
When Marcus was 10 years he created he's own group called "Chock".
The music was very synth and created on he's dads old synth.
When Marcus got older he got of hold of the idea of making music on his computer. He went to a friend one day and he let Marcus borrow "Ejay Techno" for a while, since that Marcus been a complete music computer nerd.

When Marcus was 11 years old he got hold of a gig on the school party. After that Marcus always been a DJ, but it's never been so serious as it is right now.

When Marcus dad one day came home with a CD with the group Scooter, Marcus was totally sold out and he became a super trance freak and he always will be, but he also like different kinds of music like Royksopp, Sasha, Kent, Bruve Springsten and off course Lauren Hill.

When Marcus became 12 he started on a new school and met a new friend called Max Kristensson, this guy will change Marcus life.
Max & Marcus became DJ mates and very close friends. Max worked on the local Club Radio called "Radio Powerhouse". When Max got older he got he's own radio show Called "Ibiza". He created a music program with influences from the "Essential Mix" with Pete Tong and Judge Jules own radio show on Radio 1. Marcus became a total freak of the kind of music max played and since that Marcus has bought allot of records but now he is only buying 12"s.

When Marcus was 15 he got hold of he's first DJ CD player & a mixer. When Marcus got 15 he got the skills and became a wanted dj in the town called Helsingborg. But Marcus didn't want to play Pop and RnB so he didn't got so many gigs. When Marcus turned 16 he had done a several DJ Sessions on the local Radio and on the Net.
Now Marcus is 17 years old and still haven't allot of gigs but he has sessions that now is voted as "The Best Session in 2002" in the radio.

Marcus is now the best Trance producer in Helsingborg and probably will be that for one or two years more, but he admits that some upcoming producers has the future in making music, in the little city of Helsingborg.

Marcus wants to be a producer with a open minded style for music and never wants to make a track that sound just like "another one".
Aliases:1985 (2), AÏKA, Marcus Schössow, Oliver Englafjord, Progresia, Sunglider, Tone Diary


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