Chris Reifert

Chris Reifert is an American musician, he played drums on the Death debut album, Scream Bloody Gore and is one of the pioneers of the Death/Doom genre (although his music was more Death Metal than Doom Metal, he is one of the first persons that blended the two styles). Since he parted ways with Chuck Schuldiner in 1987 after Schuldiner moved back to Florida, Reifert decided to stay in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in 1987 he formed his own band, Autopsy. In this band, he played not only drums but handled the vocals as well. After several albums, Autopsy split up in 1995 and Reifert and band mate Danny Coralles began playing in then side-project, Abscess, full-time.

Chris Reifert is also known for his many side-projects, including The Ravenous, Doomed, and Eat My Fuk. He has also performed guest vocals on Machetazo's Sinfonias del Terror Ciego and the Autopsy-inspired Murder Squad's Ravenous, Murderous, with further guest appearances for Immortal Fate and Nuclear Death. He is also known for his album cover art. His interviews are noted for his sharp wit and off-the-wall humor.
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