Wolfgang S.

Real Name:Vukan Stojanović

WOLFGANG S. is electronic music producer and performer from Belgrade (Serbia). He likes to 'drive' between Deep House and Electro-Funk.
Vukan has three different music projects: The first one is WOLFGANG S., specialized for club (EDM) rhythms. WOLFGANG S. likes to 'drive' between many House styles: Deep & Soulful House, Electro-Funk, 2 Step and others. The second project is VUKAN - down-tempo music inspired by Jazz, Ambient and TripHop music. The third project is Uticaj Svemira dedicated to Vukan's early produced music in Techno/Trance style. Follow the audiolink and some music from all three projects. , MySpace
Aliases:Uticaj Svemira, Vukan
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