Dag Nasty


Washington, DC based punk rock band originally affiliated with Dischord Records and featuring ex. members of Minor Threat & Bloody Mannequin Orchestra. The band formed in 1985 and broke up in 1988. In that time they went through a number of lineup changes. The "classic" line up of Brian Baker, Dave Smalley, Roger Marbury, and Colin Sears got back together to record in 1991 and 2002.

Current line-up:

Brian Baker - Guitar
Shawn Brown - Vocals (August 1985 to February 1986/December 2012/2015 to present)
Roger Marbury - Bass (August 1985 to March 1987/1991/2002/December 2012/2015 to present)
Colin Sears - Drums (August 1985 to June 1987/1991/2002/December 20122015 to present)

Past members:

Dave Smalley - Vocals (February 1986 to June 1986/1991/2002)
Peter Cortner - Vocals (July 1986 to July 1988)
Doug Carrion - Bass (March 1987 to July 1988)
Scott Garrett - Drums (August 1987 to July 1988)
London May - Drums ("Wig Out At Denko's" tour, summer 1987) , Bandcamp , , Facebook , Wikipedia
Members:Brian Baker, Colin Sears, Dave Smalley, Doug Carrion, London May, Peter Cortner, Roger Marbury, Scott Garrett, Shawn Brown (4)


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