Jack The Ripper (11)

Jack The Ripper (11)

Jack the Ripper was born & raised in hell. Not much is known about his early youth. First records of him go back to the 1940s, when he was working on the russian "Shagohod-Program". After WWII he moved to China to improve his rap skills. Under the supervision of experienced martial artists such as the legendary So Hai (aka the "Drunken Master") and the Lizard & the Toad, both members of the Poison Clan, he developed his unique rap style. In 2007 he returned to Kastle Wolfenstein and began to work on his second album.
In late 1987, he survived a thermonuclear assault on his lab performed by faschist extremists. The entire data of his second LP got contaminated as well as JTR himself, which forced him to move to Shadow Moses island, Alaska, to perform a nano machine therapy in order to regain and even augment his physical and psychological strenght. The process was accompanied by serious side effects which caused mutation of most parts of his brain and an accelerated metabolism for some organs was observed. He documented the whole therapy plus its side effects and published "JTR:TeenageMutantNinjaRapper" in 2008. The record can still be downloaded at http://www.gleis13.com/JTR_TMNR.zip . According to NATO officials, JTR was last seen in summer 2008 in Zanzibarland together with Nikola Tesla. Rumours say that he is working in an abandoned soviet underground laboratory near Grozni Grad together with Kaen, TKBeatz and DJ Perplex on a new project creating major TIME/PARADOXONs.
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