Punk Hardcore band from Sylmar, California, USA.


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October 20, 2016
edited 8 months ago
ICONOCLAST hailed from Sylmar, Calfornia and had began by early 1982 where they played one gig and several parties with the line-up of Ralph - guitar,Rene - bass, Nick - drums, Greg - vocals. Ralph quit the band late '82 due to 'musical differences', Brendan was recruited about 2 months later and this was the lineup which went on to record their demo in 1983. When they first formed they took as their influences: the Teen Idles and Minor Threat, however by 83/84 they included as their influences Discharge, Rudimentary Peni, Subhumans and Crucifix. All band members shared the same beliefs against Animal abuse and experiments, and anti-war, and were considered among the earliest "Peace-Punks" in Southern California. By '84 Ivan from the group 'Armistice' had joined and a new singer was found in Justin (formerly of Peace Asylum) by the end of the year he had been replaced by Don. At this point the band decided to breakaway from their previous musical stereotype and on their own vinyl debut(having already appeared on comps including a video) an EP recorded for Flipside records which featured more tuneful arrangements.

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