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Plasmatics were an American punk rock and heavy metal band formed by Rod Swenson and Wendy O. Williams in New York City in 1977.
They were a controversial group known for wild live shows that broke countless taboos. In addition to chainsawing guitars, blowing up speaker cabinets and sledgehammering television sets, Williams and the Plasmatics blew up automobiles live on stage. Williams was arrested in Milwaukee by the Milwaukee police before being charged with public indecency. , Facebook , MySpace , Wikipedia
Members:Chris Romanelli, Jean Beauvoir, Joey Reese, Michael Ray (3), Osao Chosei Funahara, Ray Callahan (2), Richie Stotts, Rod Swenson, Stu Deutsch, T.C. Tolliver, Wendy O. Williams, Wes Beech
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