B. Rousse

Real Name:B. Rousse

A US drummer and vocalist originally from Valrico, Florida where he started playing music. He spent years in Tampa, Florida as well making music before moving elsewhere. He has lived in multiple cities across the USA and Europe, and has always been involved in music along the way. He settled years ago in the San Francisco Bay area and currently lives in Oakland, California.

Aliases:M.C. B, X (33)
In Groups:Brain Fever (3), Conquest For Death, Convenience (2), Icepick (5), In/Humanity, Jud Jud, Murder-Suicide Pact, No Statik, Nucler Blud, Replica (7), Sabre (17), Scholastic Deth, Sseepage, The End Of The Century Party, U.R.N., Ultra (32), Watermark 6000, XeroX (6)
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