Frédéric Slama was born in France but lived in L.A. for more than 10 years where he became friend with many famous artists & studio players. After releasing a couple of solo albums in the 80’s and producing some artists, Frédéric decided to start a “one man band”. This marked the birth of his project AOR in 2000, always using the cream of U.S session players. He's also the mastermind behind the band Chasing Violets. Frédéric Slama is also a writer, responsible for a series of music books called "The Westcoast Bible", "The AOR Bible", "The High Tech Aor Bible", "The Japanese Aor Bible" & "The Westcoast Rarities Bible". 18 volumes are available at Amazon. , YouTube
Aliases:Frédéric Slama
In Groups:Chloë (26)




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