Margie Hendrix

Margie Hendrix

Real Name:
Marjorie Hendricks
Born: 3 March 1935
Died: July 1973 (Heroin Overdose). It all started in 1954 she recorded her first two records Good Treatment, and Every Time at the age of 19. Later in 1957 she became a member of the raelettes singing back up with Ray Charles. In 1958 Margie and Ray Charles began to have a relationship and just by that Ray wrote Margie Hendrix two songs to sing with him and she became the soul of the group. in the mean time, Ray began to start looking in on his wife and kids at home but Margie wanted him to marry her and leave his family and with stress from that Margie started drinking ( BOLS )/liquor. There were many arguements with Margie and Ray. Ray always told Margie ( You are my wife on the road not at my home ). As Ray was doing drug habits as usual Margie found out that she was pregnat with rays child in 1964. Ray wanted her to get an abortion but she refused. As time went on ray recorded a new song...Hit the road jack. After that Margie left Ray and went to solo because she was on his hit record and she was pregnant and Ray told her to leave because she Sassed him too much. But she also got hooked on Heroin and overdosed in 1973 Margie Hendrix will never be forgotten.
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Margie Hendrix Discography

Singles & EPs

72484 Margie Hendrix Now The Hurts On You / I Found My Love Mercury 72484 US 1965 Sell This Version
72420 Margie Hendrix Baby / Packin' Up(7") Mercury 72420 US 1965 Sell This Version
72701 Margie Hendrix Restless (Single) Mercury 72701 US 1967 Sell This Version
MF 976 Margie Hendrix I Call You Lover But You Ain't Nothin' But A Tramp / The Question Mercury MF 976 UK 1967 Sell This Version
TRC-940 Margie Hendrix And The Vocals Margie Hendrix And The Vocals - Let No One Hold You / A Lover's Blues(7") Tangerine Records TRC-940 US 1967 Sell This Version
SS7-2624 Margie Hendrix Don't Destroy Me / Jim Dandy (Single) Sound Stage 7 SS7-2624 US 1968 Sell This Version
SS7-2631 Margie Hendrix Somebody's Gonna Plow Your Field / I've Got Your Mama's Recipe (Single) Sound Stage 7 SS7-2631 US 1969 Sell This Version
72734 Margie Hendrix One Room Paradise(7") Mercury 72734 US Unknown Sell This Version

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