Steve Loria as reviewed by functional

March 15, 2010
edited over 10 years ago
True to the real nature of the underground, Loria just can't be fully appreciated based on his small page. Every time I went to Beat Non Stop, there he was, dropping the DEEPEST deep house I had heard. And every time I saw him DJ, that constant beat just blew my mind- while other DJ's couldn't seem to carry a groove that long, Loria did it his entire set. I haven't seen Loria DJ since 1995- you are missed !!! Check out his mix tape "Live at Citrusonic - Spiral Trance - The Lion's Dance", amazing deep house for the times. Loria, Sandra Collins, and Doc Martin seemed to DJ a lot together at the LA parties. I remember them just killin it with Hard Drive at Shake, yeeeeeow :) Good Times !!!

Steve Loria raymond_amsterdam

January 21, 2011
He still plays in LA. Bang the drum. You can check out his Facebook page.

Steve Loria as reviewed by DrippingNeedles

May 15, 2008
Steve Loria - DEEPDISCOHOUSEINFERNO was a mix tape that came out on cassette sometime between 1992-94. It had an orange sticker on both sides as the label.
I had it once but don't remember much else about it except that it was the first time I heard of House Of Gypsies also known as Todd Terry and his track Samba.
This is to note that the mix exists but since I don't physically have it I can not add the release.

Steve Loria as reviewed by spirals

November 30, 2004
edited over 16 years ago
Steve Loria is one of the best dj's in Los Angeles, spinning mostly his trademark spacey, trippy house along with some Latin sounds, techno and a bit of progressive thrown into the mix. He had residencies at some of the best house music clubs in LA in the 90's: Citrusonic, More, Metropolis as well as the Ghetto Elms and Together parties. He released several great mixed tapes that became underground classics, highly sought after. Doesn't play as much these days, which is a bummer.