POPDeFECT was a three-piece pop rock outfit that formed in Seattle in 1980. Guitarist/vocalist Al Anderson and drummer Nick Scott first played together with Tom Price (U-Men, Gas Huffer, Kings Of Rock) in a band called Psychopop. After Tom left to form the U-Men, Charlie Hutchinson moved in on bass, and POPDeFECT was born. Shortly thereafter the trio moved to Los Angeles when Anderson left to attend school and the two remaining members left to join him.

Their early years in L.A. were overshadowed by the high-profile punk movement of the time, so they decided to tackle other parts of the country. With virtually no advance bookings, they embarked on their first tour — getting gigs as they went. By the time it was over, they'd played over 30 clubs and made valuable contacts that allowed them to continue to tour incessantly throughout their career (this DIY-style of hitting the road was chronicled in the Brad Vanderburg film "Live With This"). Their touring tactics were successful, and by the late '80s they were an L.A. club and scene staple, where they relentlessly played their favorite musical venue, the notorious Al's Bar.

Fans enjoyed nearly 20 years of quirky pop songs, crazy antics and humor-filled performances, but it all ended with a final show back in Seattle, Washington at The Breakroom in November of 2001. Since then, Al has been working in the software industry and raising his son with wife Jill. Nick went on to play with Project K. (with Greg K. of the Paper Tulips and Io Perry), The Shards (with Adam Brisben and Justin of W.A.C.O. and Foster of Extra Fancy and Glue), and with Buko Pan Guerra in the Bollywood Disco Punk two-piece The Swords Of Fatima. Charlie headed home to Seattle where he tends bar, is married, had a kid and formed the band Milkmaid's Crawl.
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Popdefect Discography Tracks


MRMR 006 Popdefect Live With This(LP, Album) Heart Murmur Records MRMR 006 US 1988 Sell This Version
FLIP 43 Popdefect Punch Drunk(LP, Album) Flipside Records FLIP 43 US 1992 Sell This Version
Popdefect Drinking Poison, Handling Serpents, Speaking In Tongues: POPDeFECT Live In Big Bear (Album) Flipside Records US 1995 Sell This Version
MRMR 0013 POPDeFECT POPDeFECT(CD, Album) Heart Murmur Records MRMR 0013 US 2000 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

mrmr 001 Popdefect This End Up(7", Single) Heart Murmur Records mrmr 001 US 1981 Sell This Version
MRMR-002 POPDeFECT Playing For Time(12", EP) Heart Murmur Records MRMR-002 US 1983 Sell This Version
MRMR 003 POPDeFECT One By One / Hard Times(7", Single) Heart Murmur Records MRMR 003 US 1985 Sell This Version
mrmr c-1 Popdefect Defective Cassette(Cass, EP) Heart Murmur Records mrmr c-1 US 1986 Sell This Version
MRMR 004 POPDeFECT Ode To Billie Joe(10", EP) Heart Murmur Records MRMR 004 US 1987 Sell This Version
Popdefect Mouths Off (EP) Heart Murmur Records US 1988 Sell This Version
Popdefect ¡Puro Desmadre! (Single) Flipside Records US 1990 Sell This Version
MRMR 007 Popdefect Without / Goddammit(7", Single) Heart Murmur Records MRMR 007 US 1990 Sell This Version
POPDeFECT 3rd Degree Road Burn (EP) Flipside Records US 1991 Sell This Version
ID074528 Popdefect Game Of Fear(7", Single, Mul) Dionysus Records ID074528 US 1991 Sell This Version
FLIP 59 Popdefect Don't Be Hateful(CD, EP) Flipside Records FLIP 59 US 1994 Sell This Version
ID074570 Girl Trouble / Popdefect Girl Trouble / Popdefect - Don't Be Grateful / Cold Shoulder(7", Single) Dionysus Records ID074570 US 1995 Sell This Version
ID074581 Popdefect / The Outsideinside Popdefect / The Outsideinside - Strychnine / Psycho!(7", Single) Dionysus Records ID074581 US 1996 Sell This Version
P012 Popdefect I Am A Poseur(7", Single, Gre) Scooch Pooch P012 US 1996 Sell This Version
ID074588 Satan's Pilgrims / Popdefect Satan's Pilgrims / Popdefect - Ichabob Crane / House Of Rock(7") Dionysus Records ID074588 US 1997 Sell This Version


none Popdefect Live With This (Adrift In America)(VHS, NTSC) Reality Train Pictures none US 1995 Sell This Version