Joe Lovano

Real Name:Joseph Salvatore Lovano

Joseph Salvatore Lovano was born in Cleveland, Ohio on December 29, 1952 and grew up in a very musical household. His dad, Tony, aka Tony "Big T" Lovano was a barber by day and a big-toned tenor player at night. “Big T,” along with his brothers Nick and Joe, other tenor players, and Carl, a bebop trumpeter, made sure Joe’s exposure to Jazz and the saxophone were early and constant. , Wikipedia
In Groups:Allen Farnham Quartet, Antonio Farao American Quartet, Ed Schuller Group, Giovanni Tommaso Quintet, Sound Garden, Henri Texier Transatlantik Quartet, Joe Lovano Ensemble, Joe Lovano Nonet, Joe Lovano Quartet, Joe Lovano Quintet, Joe Lovano Street Band, Joe Lovano Us Five, Joe Lovano Wind Ensemble, John Abercrombie Quartet, John Patitucci Trio, John Scofield Quartet, Ken Werner Sextett, Liberation Music Orchestra, Masada Quintet, Opera House Ensemble
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