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From and living in Leicester - UK. I've been mixing for around 7 years now, I started off mixing Hard Dance, but moved over to UK Hardcore quite quickly. I've always mixed Freeform, it's my favourite genre and has been for the last 7 years. I've been mixing J-Core for around 2 years.

I co-manage a successful Freeform label with Olly Addictive and TTE/Wyrm called Smiling Corpse, we've got some interesting stuff coming out in the near future! One to keep an eye on if you like Freeform. We're a non-profit label that does Physical releases, Smiling Corpse 001 cost only £5.12 for a physical CD with 12 tracks! I also currently manage another Freeform project called Freeformatted Vol2, which is based at www.freeformforum.net.

I currently have two released tracks, one on Relentless Digital with Transcend called Tormenting Flames - the other is forthcoming on FiNRG, another collaboration with Transcend: a remix of the awesome Skullcrush by Alchemiist and Substanced.

I generally play 4-6 gigs a year, I've played for Munted! which is an awesome Freeform night in Southend/London. I've played Freeform for the official I Love Hard Beats afterparty too! Most of my gigs nowadays are for Anime Conventions and local raves.


Dyzphazia Discography Tracks


Transcend (5) & Dyzphazia Transcend (5) & Dyzphazia - Tormenting Flames Relentless Digital UK 2012