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Dutch progressive rockband, existed from approx. 1970-1974. Reunited in 2000, but in 2001 Sacha van Geest unfortunately died of a heart attack which meant the end for Supersister. Then they planned for a reunion as a three-piece band in 2010, but then Ron van Eck unfortunately died of cancer in 2011.
In 2018, Robert Jan Stips asked a bunch of old musical friends to make new Supersister-styled music, reforming the band once again, this time under the name Supersister Projekt, and they released a new album, entitled "Retsis Repus", in 2019. This album was also accompanied by three great gigs with all musicians that worked on the album, of which the former two took place in April of 2019, and the latter one in December the same year. A four-piece line-up of this new incarnation - consisting of Robert Jan Stips, Marieke Brokamp, Bart Wijtman and Léon Klaasse - went on a club tour in October that year, accompanied by some guests from the full album's line-up every now and then.
In the fall of 2021, the band reincarnated again as a three-piece - consisting of Robert Jan Stips, Rinus Gerritsen and Léon Klaasse - for a new tour, which got cancelled halfway through due to restrictions for the global pandemic and Stips himself catching the virus. This tour was continued in the spring of 2022.
Members:Bart Wijtman, Charlie Mariano, Gerhard Smid, Herman Van Boeyen, Leon Klaasse, Marco Vrolijk, Marieke Brokamp, Rinus Gerritsen, Robert Jan Stips, Ron van Eck, Sacha van Geest
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