Motorhead Sherwood

Motorhead Sherwood

Real Name:
Euclid James Sherwood
Born: 8th May 1942, Arkansas City, Kansas, USA.

American saxophonist & vocalist, mostly associated with the bands of Frank Zappa.

Sherwood gained his nickname 'Motorhead' as a teenager in gigging bands on the 'car club' circuit, tinkering with cars and custom-painting them. He met Frank Zappa in 1956 through high-school, where he attended with Bobby Zappa in Antelope Valley, California.

He became a member of The Blackouts and was later part of the retinue around 'Studio Z' which had gathered as a result of Paul Buff's PAL work. Sherwood subsequently became a roadie for Zappa bands and was blessed with the pseudonym 'Larry Fanoga' on the Francis Vincent Zappa* Conducts The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra & Chorus* - Lumpy Gravy album, on which he was part of the chorus in The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra.

Sherwood performed in early Zappa line-ups and on various FZ albums, including "Civilization Phaze III" - a revisit to the themes found in "Lumpy Gravy". He was also a member of Ruben And The Jets and then worked on projects with Don Preston and Ant-Bee. He was also a member of The Grandmothers.
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The Grandmothers Motorhead's Bumble Bee (as Motorhead James Sherwood) The Grandmothers - Grandmothers - (An Anthology Of Previously Unreleased Recordings By Ex-Members Of The Mothers Of Invention) (Comp) Rhino Records (2) US 1980 Sell This Version