The Rock-A-Tunes


Canadian rockabilly band from Edmonton, Alberta. Hank Smith (3) (bass, vocals) and Butch McGillis (guitar, vocals) met in 1957 while touring with Joe Kozak's Western Canadian Hayride Show. In the fall of 1958 they decided they'd rather have their own band so they recruited Gordie Gray (guitar) to form The Rock-A-Tunes. Soon after they added Al Girard on drums and Jerry Triska on sax. They released four singles on their own label Rock-A-Tune Records.

In 1959 they were the first Canadian band to sign with Columbia Records of Canada, Ltd., where they released two singles with no success due to declining popularity of rockabilly. They continued as a live act and expanded their lineup to include Dave Israel (keyboards), Dave McLauchlin (bass), and brothers Tom and Bill Eccleston (tenor sax). In 1962 The Fendermen quit their label but with "Mule Skinner Blues" being a hit, the label needed a band to tour to promote the album and the gig was offered to The Rock-A-Tunes. Hank Smith was opposed, the rest of the band took the offer and left Edmonton, so The Rock-A-Tunes disbanded and Smith would form The Maddisons.

Members:Al Girard, Butch McGillis, Gordie Gray, Hank Smith (3), Jerry Triska
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