Mellow Mark

Real Name:Mark Schlumberger

Grown up in Bayreuth/Germany (born May 23, 1974), Mark Schlumberger started his musical career in the 90s. After several backstrokes with his project Loewenherz and an exploitative producer he returned to his roots as a street musician and later restarted under his first pseudonym Mellow Mark.

Nowadays, Mellow Mark is an internationally respected reggae-artist and can often be seen with his friends Pyro (4) and the Easy-Schore-Band.

In 2003, Mellow Mark received the german "ECHO Award" for yound talented artists and in 2005 he received the "Best Album Award" for his album "Das 5te Element" (The Fifth Element) at the German Reggae Awards. , MySpace ,
Aliases:Loewenherz, Mark Schlumberger
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