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Kat Epple
Flutist, synthesist, EWI-ist, composer, and digital orchestrator, Kat Epple, has released twenty-six music albums internationally, is an Emmy and Peabody Award winner, as well as a Grammy nominee.

Original music compositions for television and film scores include: National Geographic, Nova, CNN, Carl Sagan, The Travel Channel, Turner Broadcasting System, Children's Programming, History Channel, The Guiding Light, PBS, Apple Computers, and NASA among others.

Kat Epple has performed at The United Nations, National Gallery, Guggenheim Museums around the world, Museum of Modern Art, Hollywood Palace, for President Bill Clinton at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, at "Ground Zero" memorial commemorations, with Symphony Orchestras as well as Contemporary Dance Companies. For twenty years, legendary visual artist, Robert Rauschenberg commissioned her to perform at his art openings internationally.

Kat is also a founding member of the vintage electronic music ensemble, "Emerald Web", and records and performs with legendary Metal guitarist Devin Townsend and “Sonic Combine”. She collects indigenous flutes and instruments from various cultures, and often incorporates their unique sounds in her original compositions.
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