Sascha van Holt

Real Name:Sascha van Holt

Ex-owner of German production company MT! Entertainment. Sascha is no longer a music producer since 2005. Now he is Founding Partner and Managing Director of Crosslantic Capital. He has more than a decade of experience as an investor. Before founding Crosslantic in 2017, he built and led the investment branch of ProSiebenSat.1 / SevenVentures, Germany's largest listed media company. During this time, he built a diversified portfolio of fast-growing companies. Prior to this, he worked for Waterland, one of the leading private equity firms in Europe. Earlier assignments included corporate positions as well as entrepreneurial work.

Aliases:Cactus Project, DJ Phantasma, Global Transmission, Liquid Dance, Perfect Pitch (6), Radium (4), Six Times Platinum, The Pathfinder (2), Vintage Beat
In Groups:3-Force, Base 1 (2), C-Star, Clan DJ Team, Climax Base, Comanova, Das Boxenluder, Discoblaster, Full Moon (9), G-Project (2), Master Blaster, Monday 2 Friday, Phlex (2), Red Stone (2), Spacejockeys, Starling, Wells & Fargo
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