Dave Peacock

Dave Peacock

Real Name:David Victor Peacock

British vocalist, guitarist, and artist.

Born: 24 May 1945 in Enfield, Middlesex, London, England, UK.

British musician and bass guitarist, Peacock was raised in Ponders End and the Freezywater areas of Enfield, and is probably best known as having been one half of the British musical duo Chas And Dave between 1974 and the death of performance partner Chas Hodges in 2018.

Earlier in his career in the 1960s, Peacock was in a group called the Rolling Stones (formed in 1960 before the more famous one), as well as The Tumbleweeds, and worked with Mick Greenwood and Jerry Donahue.

He met Chas Hodges in 1963 when he and his friend gave Hodges a lift home, and became friends when they found they had similar taste in music. Later in the late 1960s they became part of a group called Black Claw together with Harvey Hinsley and Mick Burt, and recorded tracks with Albert Lee. Black Claw was short-lived, and Peacock left to join a country and western band, while Hodges joined Heads Hands & Feet in 1970.

In Groups:Black Claw, Chas And Dave, Oily Rags, Spike Island, The Tumbleweeds (4)
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