Steve Huerta

Real Name:Steve Huerta

Steve Huerta is at the vanguard of the house music underground.

Ever since relocating from L.A. to Berlin a decade ago, Huerta's been refining a deep, groove-based sound, equal parts nostalgic and futuristic. His productions wiggle with old school tech house funkiness, but are polished with lush technicolor sound design. Landing on some of the underground's most esteemed labels, like Slow Life, SlapFunk, and Small Hours, his records have become buy-on-site necessities for DJs and listeners who like their house sunkissed and swung.

Recently he’s released many of his biggest tracks to date on his own label, Leizure, where he's knocked out a series of all killer, no filler 12-inches since launching in 2020. Alongside this steady diet of club gems, he also isn't afraid to venture into the chill out room. Across two LPs, 2020's Junipero and 2023's TV Slang, he's experimented with dubby, breakbeat, downtempo, and ambient textures, showcasing a more introspective, but no less accomplished set of production skills. Regardless of whether he's turning out a slinky tech house groover or a moody dub burner, his records sound just as good in the big room as the living room.

As well as his impressive and prolific production credits, Huerta continues to rack up gigs at some of the world's finest clubs and festivals. With his bag of dusty, under-the-radar digs, custom tailored edits, and ever present new original productions, Huerta has carved out signature DJ experience. In a clubland landscape saturated with sameness, Huerta remains a singular figure. Both in the booth and studio, he displays an intimate and deep knowledge of house music past, present, and future

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