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One Dark Eye

Side project of Macronympha operated by Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella.
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none Macronympha / One Dark Eye Macronympha / One Dark Eye - Untitled(Cass, Promo, C48) Mother Savage Noise Productions none US 1996 Sell This Version
none One Dark Eye Manic Depression(Cass, C60) Mother Savage Noise Productions none US 1996 Sell This Version
Solipsism-02 Telepherique & One Dark Eye Telepherique & One Dark Eye - Body Shop(CDr, Album, Ltd, Num) Solipsism Solipsism-02 US 1997 Sell This Version
none One Dark Eye / Separation One Dark Eye / Separation - Emmenagogue / Songs From The Shooting Gallery(Cass, Ltd, C46) Corprolith none US 1997 Sell This Version
One Dark Eye Chronicle Of A Death Foretold Non Mi Piace France 2000 Sell This Version
none OVMN / One Dark Eye OVMN / One Dark Eye - OVMN / One Dark Eye(Cass, Ltd, C47) Mother Savage Noise Productions none US 2010 Sell This Version
LBP007 One Dark Eye Manic Depression(CD, Ltd) Ljud & Bild Produktion LBP007 Sweden 2012 Sell This Version
none One Dark Eye Woofers And Tweeters(Cass, Album, C47) Bacterial Fungus none US 2016 Sell This Version
none One Dark Eye Boys Don't Cry(CDr, Album, Ltd) Bizarre Audio Arts none Ecuador 2017 Sell This Version
none One Dark Eye Disintegration(CDr, Album) Bizarre Audio Arts none Ecuador 2017 Sell This Version


One Dark Eye Transmissions Of Fistulae Auris (Album) Mother Savage Noise Productions US 1994 Sell This Version
none One Dark Eye Omni Mutantia(Cass, C64) Mother Savage Noise Productions none US 1996 Sell This Version
One Dark Eye Death Is Knocking At The Door Kadef US 1997 Sell This Version
One Dark Eye / Macronympha One Dark Eye / Macronympha - Untitled Spite (2) US 1998 Sell This Version
none One Dark Eye Steel Couture(Cass, Ltd, C92) Mutter Wild none US 2014 Sell This Version
none One Dark Eye Ritual Shortwave(Cass, Ltd, C20) Mutter Wild none US 2015 Sell This Version
SDR047 One Dark Eye Dayton Live(Cass, Ltd, C80) Skeleton Dust Recordings SDR047 US 2016 Sell This Version


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January 31, 2017
Here is the story of One Dark Eye:
One Dark Eye was another project started in Roemer's bedroom in Monroeville as an outlet for the less harsh....more ambient and experimental side of Macronympha. The project was named as such because Roemer had eye surgery as a child and has a permanent dark shadow under his left eye. Roemer started designing artwork and a logo, when Rodger was able to borrow an Ensoniq keyboard synth.....similar to the one seen being used by Eric Lunde when he first recorded for RRR. While using the synth along with his Digitech efx and other techniques Stella recorded two tapes of O.D.E. material some of which was used on the first MSNP tape... "Transmissions ......"which was all material he created. By the time a second tape came out "Kyptopyrrole".... the two had also used some tracks for compilations. On the second O.D.E. tape most source material was still from Rodger's Ensoniq session although extra sounds were added by Roemer as well as doing the final edit. By this time the NOISE WAR idea had come to them (1992-1993) so Stella began silk screening art while Roemer contacted all the participating artists with invitations. At this time Joe and Rodger were able to borrow an 8- track Fostex reel to reel recorder from Manny Theiner in Pittsburgh and those spacey echo pings and loops of sci fi sounding electronics were what Rodger came up with for our NOISE WAR O.D.E. track well as sounds used on new releases.

When Rodger moved to San Francisco in 1995 Rodger did not keep in contact for ten years until 2005 after Roemer was invited to "No Fun Fest" in NYC. During that 10 year period Roemer kept releasing O.D.E. material and began using his partner Liz Fox making sounds in their living room ....creating new material because the older original material was running out and had been used often.Also when Joe asked Tim Oliveira to join Macronympha Tim and his Stimbox project had a whole different array of cool and interesting less harsh /more experimental sounds that were suited to O.D.E. work, so during that time Roemer recorded, mixed,edited and did O.D.E. projects for SPITE label "Sky, horse and egg" , the One Dark Eye with gas mask suicide cover for KdF in Germany, the definitive O.D.E. work which is the double Cd on non mi piace label in france " Chronicle of a Death foretold", as well as some vinyl tracks for labels in sweden and usa. In 1997-98 Roemer even collaborated with Telepherique in Germany to do the CD "Body Shop"......all made form motors and car noises for Patrick O'Neils side label from Self Abuse---- Solipsism.

During the time Roemer was mixing all the One Dark Eye material....Stella was credited whenever Roemer used his sources. When those ran out....Rodger was not credited with releases he was not on. However during this period Roemer participated in several compilations and supplied O.D.E.tracks to various labels. It has been said that Roemer never credited Rodger for his work and this is simply not true. Many times when Joe would send a track for compilation he would include all the history of how the work was made but not all labels put in such info and data. If there were tracks that appeared that did not credit Rodger properly it was due to the fact that Joe explained that the work had other sources from other people to label owners.....but since they corresponded with Roemer at his PA address.....often those details were left out of the credits and just the 1180 colgate address and Roemer's name were credited for the track. This was NOT Roemer's fault. Over the years he has used sources from Rodger, Tim, Liz, Mlehst, K2, Birch Cat motel, Odal,
Yasutoshi etc and always tried to include everyone properly. Sometimes when you are producing 20-30 releases a year it can be difficult to keep track of every item.

So it is understandable that Stella is perfectly within his rights to use the One Dark Eye name for releases.... as is Roemer. Neither one owns the name exclusively and it is a sad day when history is ignored and alternative facts are used to distort the actual process. Roemer continues to record his own O.D.E. work and since he teamed up with Leo Sabatto as the current Macronympha....they plan to continue doing so and as one can see on other areas of the internet Mr. Stella continues to use the name also . There is room for both when you hear loops and Roland sampler tricks, with endless repetitive drones's Rodger and when you hear the more linear /disjointed up & down dynamic stuff, that is weird's Roemer.

Also OVMN was Roemer's idea too. Optimum Volume Maximum Noise. One day he was looking at his JOVAN cologne bottle and saw the OVN and liked the look so he wanted a harsher .....wall -of-noise version of Macronympha and decided on that name . All the OVMN work has been mastered, mixed and recorded by Roemer so Rodger really has no claim to it except older Macro sounds were used on the first release with THIRDORGAN. The tape for Self Abuse was made by Roemer ans was the Lp for Armed and loaded and the spilt with audible xxy which had Incapacitants sources. Almost all early OVMN works had legacy Macro sources and were identified as such and when those sounds ran out Joe stopped releasing OVMN work . About the same time in 1999-2000 he ended his MSNP label until reviving it in 2006 for the last macro tour with Roemer and Stella...the last official OVMN release was made by Joe and no new OVMN work by him has been made since..
Roemer and Sabatto are planning new works and a retrospective of the OVMN collabs from the past. Keep looking because in 2017 more OVMN will become available.

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