Action Biker

Real Name:Sarah Nyberg Pergament

Electronic artist & composer from Gothenburg, Sweden.
Action Biker was formed in the winter of 2002 as a solo project of Sarah Nyberg Pergament.
It was very much a side project for Pergament; she spent quite a bit of her time over the course of the next six years working on other projects including Kissing Mirrors, Flow Flux Clan, and the Dreamers. When she wasn't working on other things, however, Pergament was chipping away at her own material, formulating a collection of chic lo-fi recordings that drew inspiration from numerous artists and cultural touchstones including Stereolab, Kraftwerk, soft rock, and 8-bit video games (Action Biker references a game for the Commodore 64). Action Biker's debut, Hesperian Puisto, was released on Friendly Noise in 2008. ~ Margaret Reges

Aliases:Sarah Nyberg Pergament


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