Störung was brought to life In 1981 by two young individuals from Europe. Eugenius and Arian Brunwin gifted the eighties their unique style of experimental new wave synth music. Both in various recordings as well as on stage. Memorable songs originating from 1981 are 'Radio Lines', 'Two Miles', 'Enjoy Your Leather (Jacket)', 'Macabre', 'Just Too Bitter', 'All Bow' and 'Dreadfull Dance'. 'Dreadfull Dance' and B side 'All Bow' was released on single (Clogsontronics) in 1981. In 1981 en 1982, Störung toured extensively around Europe and the band gave numerous concerts and radio appearances. In 1982, the band released their first album 'This Is Future' on Clogsontronics records.

Aliases:Blackbox (5)
Members:Eugenius (3), Eus Otte, Hylkia de Jong


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