Heavy metal / thrash / metalcore band from Orlando, Florida, USA.

Trivium was formed as a trio in 1999 by Brad Lewter (vocals, bass), Jarred Bonaparte (guitar) and Travis Smith (drums).

Matt Heafy joined the band only in late 1999 as a guitarist/backing vocalist.
When lead vocalist/bassist Brad Lewter left Trivium in 2000, Matt Heafy started to perform lead vocals as well.
Second founding member Jarred Bonaparte switched from guitar to bass - but left anyway in 2001.

Last founding member Travis Smith left the band in late 2009.

Current members
Matt Heafy – guitars (1999–present); backing vocals (1999–2000); lead vocals (2000–present)
Corey Beaulieu – guitars, unclean backing vocals (2003–present)
Paolo Gregoletto – bass, clean backing vocals (2004–present)
Alex Bent – drums, percussion (2016–present)

Former members:
Brad Lewter – lead vocals, bass (1999–2000)
Jarred Bonaparte – guitars (1999–2000); bass (2000–2001)
Richie Brown – bass (2001)
George Moore – guitars (2003)
Brent Young – guitars (2000–2001); backing vocals (2000–2004); bass (2001–2004)
Travis Smith – drums, percussion (1999–2010)
Nick Augusto – drums, percussion (2010–2014)
Mat Madiro – drums, percussion (2014–2015)
Paul Wandtke – drums, percussion (2015–2016) , MySpace , Wikipedia , Facebook , X , Instagram , YouTube
Members:Alex Bent, Brent Young, Corey Beaulieu, George Moore (6), Mat Madiro, Matt Heafy, Nick Augusto, Paul Wandtke, Paulo Gregoletto, Richie Brown (7), Travis Smith




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